This web application aims to provide a super simple way of setting up and maintaining an LDAP directory for an organisation. To make use of this interface, a LDAP server is required, as well as a webserver with PHP installed.


  1. Download the code here.
  2. Unzip the code to a directory within the web root.
  3. Make sure that the /prime8/config/ directory and contents are writable.
  4. Point a web browser to the prime8 installtion directory and follow the instructions.


Set up Departments

The first thing needed in creating your company's LDAP address book is to set up the various departments with in the organisation. To do this, login as the admin user and click on the "Departments" link at the top. To add a department, simply enter the name of the department in the text box and click "Add". An organizational unit will be setup within the LDAP directory to house the the various people within that department.

Add People

Once one or more departments have been added, you are ready to start adding people to the address book. To do this, log in as the admin user and clikc on the "People" link at the top. To add a person, click on the "Add Person" link. Fill in the details and remember to select the department for that user which you created earlier. Once you click save, the person will be added to the addressbook and inserted into the LDAP directory.

View Address Book

Navigating through the address book is simple. Simply click on the "+" symbol to the left of the various department names to reveal the people added ot that department. By clicking on the names of the people listed the corresponding user data will be displayed in the space to the right of the directory tree.

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